A Forest Green Eid

​I absolutely love holidays! Any excuse to dress up is a excuse enough for me. For this Eid holiday I decided to go with a turquoise green outfit and to take pictures in a nearby park trail!

I ordered my outfit from a online website called CBazaar. I’ve been loving getting all of my South Asian wear from online websites as I find that the prices are way better and a LOT more affordable! While outfits like this one may cost hundreds in person, online it was under $100! Although mine isn’t available anymore, there are tons of options on the website as well. Plus there are constantly sales and promos so it’s always the right time to order.
I absolutely love how this salwar-kameez is in the anarkali style (meaning it reaches up to the bottom of my toes like a maxi dress), as its so in style right now and looks absolutely stunning. The three-fourth sleeves also adds a touch of sophistication to it. The high color is a plus as well as I don’t have to worry about pairing it with a necklace!
Wearing South Asian/Desi clothes always make me feel like such a princess and I can’t wait to keep taking pictures in more of them! (Yay for representation!) It’s so important to embrace culture and I would love to spread the beauty and elegance of mine everywhere!

​I can’t wait for all the food and festivities this holiday season! Dressing up is only one of the best parts! Being able to look so done-up while still being comfortable is the greatest feeling ever! What a start to the summer season.

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