Being Extra While Bowling

Have you ever wondered how you can be super extra while bowling? Well you’re in luck because in today’s post I’m here to show you how!

For today’s summer adventure I decided to go bowling, so naturally I had to do a mini photoshoot afterwards!

Honestly, I had so much fun! We only played three games but it was super fun to be a little competitive and try my (terrible) bowling skills. Bowling is such a fun idea for something to do in the summer as it is indoors, meaning AC, and is something that gets you up and active to spend some quality time. If you play for fun it’s a great way to have some laughs and make some fun memories. Although I lost all THREE games (don’t go with someone who’s great at everything) I had tons of fun and will definitely be coming back!

So if you’re bored in the summer why not try bowling! It’s a fun thing to do and not to mention a great place to take some pretty cool pictures.

Next time you go bowling or do something fun, try doing a mini photoshoot yourself. It’s a great way to remember the day and not to mention get some good pictures of yourself. Sometimes, being extra is the way to go.

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