Faux Fantasy in Fort Tryon

I had always seen pictures of Fort Tryon on Instagram, however I never truly understood it’s beauty until I got there. Located in Upper Manhattan, Fort Tryon can make you easily forget that you’re still in New York City. The A train takes you directly to the park, where you can take a elevator to the top of the park, (or you can take a trek up the trail which is what I decided to do!) The park is also absolutely free, & I would recommend bringing your own food and water as well.

Once you make it to the top there are fantastic views of the Hudson River!

While in Fort Tryon, one of the main attractions is The Met Cloisters museum. This place has serious medieval vibes, along with some pretty cool historical artifacts. A huge plus is that the museum’s prices are suggested, so you may pay whatever you wish to enter! Great for students on a budget or just anyone who is tight on their spending.

For my visit, I wore this blue jumpsuit from Old Navy, it was so comfortable and kept me cool in the summer weather! I also opted for some plain black sandals, you can find similar ones here.

For my hair I did a double half-up braid, as I’ve been so into braided hairstyles lately!

Considering how beautiful the area is, it only makes sense that someone may have wished to live there. Made of Maine granite, these arches once served as the entryway to the C.K. Billings mansion, Tryon Hall. Unfortunately, the beautiful estate was destroyed by a fire in 1925. Yet, almost a century later these arches stand tall and beautiful for all to observe.

Fort Tryon was such a beautiful escape from the hustle and bustle of the city. If you’re looking for a escape from New York City without leaving it, this is a great place to do so!

Of course I had to make a mini video on it as well, so check it out on my Instagram here:

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