Fall Fashion Wishlist

For today’s post I wanted to share some fashion items I’ve been eyeing this fall! You’ve probably heard me talk about how much I love fall, and one of my favorite parts is fall fashion! I love the darker color palette that comes with a fall wardrobe. I wanted to share with you guys some items on my list this season! I hope it can inspire your next shopping trip!
Red Suede Jacket: A suede jacket is definitely on my list to get asap, and although I’ve been searching for a cute brown one, I found this one at Old Navy and couldn’t help consider it! This red/burgundy shade is great for the fall season, and adds a different twist on the usual suede jacket.
Black Skinny Jeans: I honestly don’t prefer to wear black jeans, but as the weather cools down in fall I don’t mind them! My favorite part about these are the rips in the knees, adding a little bit of a edge without looking too messy. It’s the perfect balance to spice up your outfit.
Tan Booties: I may have a small obsession with booties as I can never have enough of them. Fall is the season I break out all my new boots, and these are a great neutral color that can go with any color jeans and top. A great staple for anyone’s closet!
Blue Captain’s Cap: Is it just me or have I seen these caps all over Instagram lately? Needless to say, I am obsessed. The fit is cute and casual, keeping your look a little fancier than wearing a plain old baseball hat. I feel like this hat would look super cute with jeans and a t-shirt or even a dress.
Green Jacket: The ups and downs of fall weather require you to keep a light jacket on hand, and this one is great! The neutral green color means it will match with almost any outfit and the fit is super flattering. The rolled up sleeves offer a way to balance out wearing a jacket in warmer temperatures.
Tan Knit Sweater: A sweater is definitely necessary for those chiller days! This tan color is perfect to throw on with a pair of jeans and be ready for the day super fast. The high neck also keeps you from having to worry about any added accessories.
White Converse: Okay, so converse are shoes that can be worn all year round. Personally I don’t own a pair of white ones, and I think they’d be super cute with jeans and the neutral tones of fall! Definitely on my must-have list.
Long Brown Cardigan: Cardigans are possibly my favorite clothing item because you can throw them on over any t-shirt and you’ll look put together. I love wearing my comfiest shirt and just putting on a cozy cardigan on top. I love the color of this one too!
Denim Overalls: So last year I got a pair of black denim overalls, and well, I loved them. Something about overalls are so cute and getting a denim pair is definitely on my list! I love wearing them with turtlenecks and cute booties to dress it up while still looking playful.
Hogwarts Cap: I HAD to add this to the list! Not only are the colors perfect for fall (hellooo deep red and mustard yellow) but this hat makes you look like a real-life Hogwarts Alumni if it were real! I may or may not be still awaiting my letter but until then we can just pretend right? Baseball caps are one of my staples and I am in love with this one!
Yellow Kanken Backpack: I already have a grey Kanken backpack, and I’m in love with it! The bag is waterproof and super sturdy (it survives me carrying my laptop and camera in the rain and snow and heat) and has lasted me for such a long time. This yellow color is super in for fall and is a great shade for a new backpack!

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