Pumpkin Picking

Overalls | Top | Shoes | Bag

Where else to go on a fall weekend than the local pumpkin patch? I decided to go to my local farm/pumpkin patch and take some pictures while there! There were so many pumpkins ranging from bigger than my head to smaller than my hand! It took a lot from me to not buy a whole bunch, but it totally made me feel like it was really fall! Perhaps I’ll have to go back and get some to carve.

For my outfit I decided on wearing my black overalls, which are great because they basically require you putting in less work for a outfit. I was always afraid of looking young in overalls, but you can totally rock them at a older age too! I just paired it with a green high neck tee and I was good to go!

For my trip I decided to wear my new favorite accessories! I’m definitely a boot gal, and these tan suede booties are perfect for fall. They turn any causal outfit into a more dressed up one. I also am in love love LOVE with this mini backpack from Forever 21. I cannot STAND using purses, especially since I walk a lot considering I live in NYC it ends up hurting to have it on only one shoulder, or just be plain inconvenient. I’ve always counted on a regular backpack or my Fjallraven Kanken to have as my bag, but recently I’ve been into mini backpacks! They’re a great way to hold all your stuff without looking like you’re going to school.

This one from Forever 21 is a great size, its super small, but still fit plenty of things like my DSLR, and wallet! It even has a handle on top to carry as a purse as well.

Have you gone pumpkin picking yet + how do you feel about mini backpacks? Let me know in the comments below!

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