October’s 10 Things

Jacket | Bag | Jeans

I’ve seen so many “10 things” posts going around blogs and decided to try it myself! I have come up with the plan to do a 10 things on the first of every month to round up the month before, to sort of look back on my life. Here are my 10 things from the month of October, I’d love to know some of your favorite memories this last month!

  1. So I recently bought the 2DS XL, and it has definitely gotten me back into gaming! I have been loyal to Nintendo since I was super young and I realized just how much I love videogames. It’s definitely a great upgrade from my regular 2DS due to the bigger screens.
  2. On that note, Brian & I have been playing the Super Mario World for SNES a ton! It’s so fun to play on DS on long train rides to keep us busy.
  3. I’ve been collecting so, so many Funko Pop! figures recently! My collection is constantly growing. I’m considering sharing my “nerdier” side on my blog and youtube channel if any of you would enjoy.
  4. College is hard you guys. I keep promising myself to get on a schedule with my videos and blog posts but it seems like I always have a test to study for. Hopefully I’ll get a break soon!
  5. I went apple picking this month and it was so fun! It was something I’ve only done as a kid so it was cool to actually enjoy it.
  6. Going to school in NYC has been such a struggle….all I see are puppies! Now I want one so bad, haha.
  7. Yellow is a color I’ve never been very into but this fall I have been! I wear my light yellow jacket almost everyday, and I have been loving my yellow sweater!
  8. I actually decided to stay away from fast food for the entire month of October and I’m so proud to say I went through with it! I decided to get McDonald’s today to celebrate my achievement!
  9. Stranger Things and Walking Dead have released this month and I’m honestly so behind but I’m definitely excited to catch up on two of my favorite shows.
  10. Things I’m looking forward to next month: Thor: Ragnarok is in theaters Friday (woo!), Black Friday, & of course THANKSGIVING!!!!!


So thats a round up of my 10 things from this month. Hope you guys enjoyed, stay tuned for a 10 things next month!