Winter Getaway

Hey guys! It’s been soooooo long since I’ve written a post! I was out of town for three weeks during my Winter Break this year, as I took a trip to Bangladesh to visit my family! I was able to get some nice travel pictures while I was there so I decided to share them here.

These two pictures were taken at the Taj Mahal in Bangladesh, it wasn’t the real thing, but good enough right?! Haha, I hope to go to the real Taj Mahal one day in the future.

Bangladesh is also full of mustard flower gardens! They’re absolutely breathtaking as there’s beautiful yellow flowers that seem to go on for miles! You know I had to stop and do a photo shoot there as well.

I didn’t get many travel pictures from this trip since I was mostly there to visit family and spend time with them! I made so many fun memories and I’m definitely inspired to travel way more now 😉

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